Our Green and Pleasant Village

A Summer’s day, an English village..what greater place can there be.  And if today is anything to go by Wisborough Green fits that bill absolutely perfectly.  In a village like ours, there is a constant hum of lawnmowers mowing, for this is a community obsessed with manicuring its lawns, the largest of which is the Green itself.  Centre of the village, focal point of the community, bordered by 2 pubs and punctuated by a Cricket Pavillion in the centre, it is trimmed and rolled to within an inch of its grassy life 7 days a week, ready for sporting action of all levels at all times.  Cricket is at the heart of this village, and that suits us well.  A Friday night sees the collective families of colt aged players filing down to the Green in orderly fashion, with an array of deckchairs, picnic blankets and a generous supply of Friday night beverages.  There, with barely surpressed glee, they deposit their ‘colts’ with increasingly reluctant coaches and tuck in.  It is a behaviour we have observed with some amusement since we’ve lived here whilst secretly counting the days until Ella is old enough to take up the bat.  Although we hear that it’s not an exclusive club, with all comers welcome.  So as we enjoy the buzz and the hum of village life this summer, the gardens in bloom, the smells of barbecuing delights coming from the pub gardens, we think we’ve done good in choosing this spot.  Although one’s privet is expected to be regularly trimmed, the folk are welcoming, the pubs more than hospitable, and the views just gorgeous.



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